These are some of the highlights in the history of the Uruguayan Social & Sporting Club, where it is intended to recall only some of the most important facts of a long history that begins in the early 70s and bring us to today .

A complete history would lead us to create more than one book, it is not our intention at this time.

Thus, it is safe to say that, that we left aisde a lot of detail, events and anecdotes that made what is now our “Club Uruguayo de Sidney”.

Our thanks to all those who made possible with their work that today we have an Uruguayan Club, that is a proud achievement of  the Uruguayan and Latin American people.


During the early ’70s, different groups emerged and manifest themselves according to their activities, including the Latin Social Club, the River Plate Football Club, etc.

A picnic was organised at the Hollywood Park in Lansvale and Milton Folladosa, Bouzas and Luis Gonzalez were ask to organise a team to play a football game against River Plate Club.

This group, after a succulent south American BBQ faced River Plate defeating by 4 goals to 2 and that started what later developed the Uruguayan Football Club.

Luis Gonzalez sent a letter to those who played at the picnic to organize a team.

They have only 11, but enough to put cobble together a football team. A raffle was organised and the purchase of team shirts was possible, after a practice day was done they faced in his first game against the Ecuadorians’ team.

This launched the Uruguayan Sporting Club that was located in a house on 2 Rosedale Avenue, Greenacre. Luis Gonzalez and Mario Cano attended a meeting of Uruguayans who organized the picnic and proposed to unite the social and sport activities under one roof.

Eight people come to the office / home of Uruguayan Sporting Club in Greenacre, taking advantage of bachelor party Coco Salvo, to discuss the issue of the merger.

This group after a chat splited to meet separately. This resulted in 4 of the participants deciding to unite and 4 against the merger.

At that point, December 12 1972, the Uruguayan Social & Sporting Club was born.

The first directive was form with Ricardo Larriera President Carlos Bolz, Mario Cano, Mercedes Baca, Cesar Bardallo, Jorge Di Giorio, Luis Gonzalez and Jalife, operating from the premises in Greenacre

After a few months they move to Croydon, then to a house in Summer Hill, then there was a failed attempt at a location on the Hume Highway and finally they settle on 2nd August 1975, opening the doors at 117 Addison Rd, Marrickville, after a month-long repairs and improvements.


This period runs from August 1975 to mid-1984.

A stage where a lot of things were achieved, from the social, sporting and institutional perspectives.

The artist Roberto Barry brought along particular success and later another artist the “Negro Cortes,” the first Murga formed in Australia, “The New Migrants” and years later “La Celeste”, the Club has its own candombe “Lonjas del Uruguay” another emblematic group was the Folkloric Group Uruguay led by Myriam and Enrique Guerrero.

Silvia Ferreira Library is created, the nursery is organized, bloom Las Peñas and countless shows.

Launched Indoor football (Soccer) tourments on the Club premises, practiced also volleyball and we presented teams competing in various leagues.

The first Bingo was created within the community. The first major fundraiser takes place through a members campaign, Sponsors and other financial initiatives before moving from the Marrickville venue.

A football team was created and represented the Club in different tournaments, SESSA among others.

The presidents of the era were: Ricardo Larriera 72-73, 73-74 Hugp Conze, Hugo Fuentefría 75-76, Alfredo Do Canto 77, 77-78 Cesar Bardallo, Enrique Guerrero 78-79, 79-80 Folladoza ,Oscar De Vincenzi 80-81, 82-83 Nelson Ferreira, Raul Salaberry 83, Washington Viñoli 83 and continues in the later stage.

The last stage in Marrickville during the presidency of Washington Viñoles, It was decided to move the Club west of Sydney, where most of the community was living. At the time it was a drastic measure, but it was seen as that is the only alternative to a fight chance of survival in the future.

During the period of the move, the amalgamation with other institutions was explored. Finally Atlantic America integrated within the Uruguayan Club and four of its managers become part of the board of directors.

They were Augustine Capobianco, Ernesto Albistur. Albo Knight and Janet Ramos. Besides the human contribution, they provide a good sum of money into the coffers of the club. The basketball and volleyball teams continued to be called America Atlantic as part of the merger.

Another financial campaign 1983 raised more than $ 7,000.00, plus the money that brought America Atlantic and funds from financial year of 1978 was deposited in a special bank account, totaling about $ 20,000.

Of the total amount, three years of taxes were paid and the remainder was placed as a deposit for the purchase of a site in the Redmayne Rd, Horsley Park, which is also our first great illusion.


On a crude winter night in 1984 we moved to The Chickens’ Shed, owned by the Croatian Joe, where we remained until 1988 where we moved to Whitford Rd, where we are at the moment.